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The School Management System is a dynamic platform which allows educational institutions to manage their whole organization through the web, any time from anywhere in the world. It nurtures the interaction between school, teachers, students and parents in a most effective way.

Course/Batch Management

Open-School has a powerful course management system where multiple courses and batches can be handled on a same dashboard.

Human Resources Management

Create and manage various employee details and stored in a centralized area.

Academic Year Management

Manage student records and other details based on academic year. Save previous year records for archival and easy retrieval.

Events & Calendar

Create, manage and have quick access to the calendar and track the upcoming events.

Student Information

Get easy access to students, their fee payments, courses, grades, attendance, disciplinary records, and other reports, anytime.


Create exams and set various grading levels batch wise and observe the progress of each student.

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School Management System is one of the amazing products of Aegaeon, constantly on the bring, for creating new software tools and enhancing the leverage of technology to improve human, business performances and organizational skills.


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