GST Ready

All the requirements from stock management to invoice are GST ready; send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory, generate reports, and file GST returns effortlessly.


The GST software is flexible enough to integrate with existing systems and provide a seamless experience. Multiple standalone systems operating in silos will only inflate the operating cost of businesses.

Custom Reports

Customize all the reports based on the specific needs of the industry. For any typical business person, this means informative dashboards and Informative Reports (MIS).


Needless to say, in today’s digital world security is one of the most critical assurances. A secure software will protect confidential business information and avoid any kind of compromise that may pose threat to your business.


Inventory Management System

Create Purchase Orders and Sales Orders in minutes. Manage your online and offline orders from one central location. Stay on top of your inventory at all times. Keep tabs on your stock right from order to delivery and never lose a product again. Thanks to the tight integration with accounts and CRM, you can easily sync your customers, orders and finances.

Billing System

Our product helps record and track all expenses and run detailed expense reports. It also helps get quick insights from the dashboard and run insightful and detailed reports. It helps you run real-time reports on your sales, expenses and tax summary. Run reports in real-time and gain critical insights on your business performance. Record all business expenses and know how much you're spending.

Customer Relationship Management System

Our product makes it easy to enter and track follow-ups or activities required on the leads. Get timely email reminders of your follow-ups. Track today’s follow-ups, upcoming follow-ups and overdue follow-ups from CRM Dashboard. You can keep record of completed follow-ups along with easy entry of next follow-up from the single screen. You can enter lead related notes for your internal users.

Vendor Management System

Checking for duplication and auto-normalizing the supplier data during supplier profile creation. Automating approval workflows to implement data stewardship and security. Register, categorize and search vendors by company name, vendor type, status, location, vendor number, performance rating and more.

Warehouse Management System

Rate suppliers and vendors based on multiple criteria, generate reports and view performance dashboards to easily identify top performing and underachieving vendors. The system organization to keep track of the movement of each item from warehouse and reduce gaps of system/virtual inventory vs actual inventory present in warehouse.


Manage all your HR administrative actions from a central location. Search employees, set favourites, view organization trees all from a single dashboard.Identify the skills of your employees and the places they can improve. Set goals, gather 360-degree feedback, and review performance; bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be.



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